At the end of the '2010s, Mr. Kien was observing the evolution and perspectives offered by the mobile phone industry with great interest. He soon realized that mobile phones would become a mass market product and the main entertainment platform in the world. He wanted to take part in this revolution and bring this ever-growing sector his experience in the video game industry

With the goal of producing quality games that consumers could easily download on their mobile phones, SENSOR NOTES was one of the first companies at the Vietnam to develop games for mobile phone and quickly created a large lineup of games for their users.

Our team is genuinely passionate about entertainment, music and tech. We’re bringing all of these together to build apps and games for people to enjoy from every corner of the world.

Currently, our apps span over 50 million downloads with a monthly active audience that exceeds one million. However, we want to reach everyone. In doing so, we will continue to make the Sensor Notes experience instant, simple, collaborative, and most importantly fun.