Music Operation Specialist

Product | Full-time | Cao Lanh, Dong Thap, Vietnam

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  • Design, maintain and develope content creation in game (beat mapping) to bring the best music experience to user. Maintain and develop focus on content quality. You will live with curation and the design of music related content in the game.
  • Plan, design, implement, deploy and monitor Sensor Notes unique music management and content service systems
  • Produce solutions to difficult challenges in design, and user experience problems facing both internal customers and end users.


  • Content Game:
  • - Collab with game PO to design content, rules on how to make content, and do a few demo versions until getting the final design
    - Be the person who knows the game well and makes the best content for that game by everyone's recognition
    - Describe exactly how to design content for colleagues and collaborators, communicate requirements/wants to collaborators, and manage collaborators in scaling large amounts of content to ensure delivery of sufficient content on time, and of the highest quality.
    - Continue to constantly develop content design in many other musical aspects to increase the music experience even better
    - Working with our Licensing team to help curate musical content
    - Evaluate and advise the quality of cover production
    - Cut clip audio or control the quality of audio cut clip so that the user can experience the best part of the song and integrate it with the game
    - Evaluate and advise audio volume/quality when playing through device speaker
    - Advise SFX suitable for the game (UIUX, gameplay, character action...)

  • User data:
  • - Read and understand data and interpret correlations between metrics to understand user behavior to choose solutions to improve user experience

  • System:
  • - Understand the operating principles of the company's own system
    - Manipulate and determine the operating flow of the game on this system
    - Can train others to understand the operating principles of the system

  • Documentation:
  • - Collab with our team and our stakeholder (Game POs, engineers, data scientists,...) to understand the challenges and find right support for content/system requirement issue
    - Produce documentation as Content making guideline for game, SLA and other agreements when collab with stakeholder
    - Manage work requests and feedback within the schedule
    - Work with the team leader on the planning of OKR, content developement,...


  • The most important requirements to succeed in this role are a passion for music, games and the ability to work autonomously. There is no bureaucracy here, we just get things done.
  • 2+ years in game design, content designer, product designer. Have experience in game development, in particular content design and experience with Unity preferred.
  • Highly creative with an appreciation of great design and gameplay
  • Knowledge of how audio fits in game architectures and pipelines, including relevant hardware, software and compression issues and a passion for improving tools and efficiency
  • Extensive knowledge of popular music across a range of styles and an understanding of how music plays a part in people‚Äôs lifestyles
  • Time management
  • Fluent in English in both written and verbal communication
  • Effective communication skills, both in verbal, written and presentation manners
  • Good critical thinking, management skill and problem-solving ability
  • Attention to detail and consistency
  • Strong focus on learning and development
  • Organized and ordered working ethics
  • Staying calm and effective under pressure
  • Adaptable and user-oriented, willing to make changes for the better of the product


  • Experience with DAWs such as Ableton, FLstudio,... Knowledge of MIDI programming is a bonus
  • Understanding of music theory, background in music production with an exceptional ear for musical transcription
  • Play 1(+) instrument well

How To Apply?

Contact us at [email protected]


  • 13th month salary
  • Annual Company Bonus
  • Flexible working time
  • Lunch and parking allowance
  • Free Music classes
  • Team-building budget
  • Employee Assistance Program

Email: [email protected]
Hotline: +84 788 877 288